Izmir / URLA - Klazomenai Ancient City

Ancient Klozamenai city, located in Pier region, Limantepe, in and around Yıldıztepe in terms of archaeological and historical artefacts having all the cultures and civilizations of all ages, is a big central city in the Greek, Roman, Byzantine ages with its islands which was carried to Karantina Island from Pier upon coming of Persian to Anatolia. There are a lot of examples of administrator graves as masonry hills in the sides of Gelinkaya Site and Nebioğlu Holiday Resort on the road of Çeşmealtı. There are residuals from the Greek, Roman and Byzantine ages in Özbek and Tavşan Island located in Çarpan Sea. There are a historical spa in Gülbahçe Village and residual of a church on its coast. The city of Airai, which was a coastal town between Ionian city Teos and Eritrai and which was located on a peninsula on the coast of Demircili and Yağcılar Village, was a frequented place for those who navigated.

The residual of the city, which was located within the boundaries of İskele Neighbourhood and which was mentioned among 12 Ionian cities, is located in fields which are neighbours of sea and on Karantina Island which is near the coast.  Klazomenai, which was located in Urla and which was one of the 12 Ionian cities, became an important commercial center. The port of this ancient city gains a reputation as the oldest and most ordinate port of the world. The artefacts found in Klazomenai with excavations are exhibited in Paris Louvre Museum, Athens National Museum and İzmir Archaeological Museum. It is known that the people living in Klazomenai in 4000s B.C. founded olive oil factories, furthermore they were known with the industries of vine, perfume and textile and  they highly developed mining. The presence of olive is known in Anatolia for more than 10 thousand years.  In the oldest olive oil factory of the world located in Urla, the structure of olive breaking mill and the level of hydraulics can be clearly seen.